Aussie Wild Mint

Australian Wild Mints can be used as a substitute in recipes where ever mint is called for. Its strong mint flavour and aroma is wonderful in both savoury and sweet dishes. It makes an absolutely wonderful digestive tea or iced sweet tea.


Rivermint (Mentha australis) Another one for the plant pot. I would highly recommend using this in place of any call for mint. It is a cross between peppermint and spearmint in flavour and is also a wonderful medicinal herb. Use it fresh when possible but it is also great and very pungent when dried.

We source both Slender and River Mint (Mentha australis) for this product from all over Australia. The product comes in a 50g sealed and recyclable bag, dried and ground. The size of the grind will depend on where we source from and varies.

◎  Common Name: Australian Wild Mint

◎  Scientific or Latin Name: Mentha australis or Mentha diemenica

◎  Comparison: Peppermint and Spearmint

◎  Seasonality: All year dried

◎  Region: Grassland and forest

Warndu sells our Aussie Wild Mint as a dried and ground spice on its own, or as an ingredient in our famous Aussie Dukkah.