Morning Tea Twin Pack


Each twin packs contains two of our 50g hand-blended loose leaf tea's. Valued at $57.00. 

Wake up to a green tea to start your day with our Australian Native Three Lemon tea or our protein filled green tea.

Australian Native Three Lemon Loose Leaf Tea

Lemon Myrtle and Native Lemon Grass wild harvested from the Flinders Ranges blended with Lemon Verbena hand picked and dried by us.

Refreshing and a perfect pick me up. The three lemons each have a distinct flavour and bring a unique character to the bag.

Lemon Myrtle is an exceptional antioxidant and is high in antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. It combined with the native Lemon Grass acts as a wonderful digestant, pick me up or a great stress reliever.  

Native Mint and Tyrant Ant Green Loose Leaf Tea

Looking for a green tea that is high in protein? Look no further than our unique blend of Australian Native minty citrus goodness. South Australian grown and hand dried Native Mint, peppermint plus some Tyrant Ants. Tyrant ants are high in amino acids and protein and are most certainly raised in an ethical and humane environment by experienced edible insect breeders. All of our teas are hand-blended to ensure a perfect balance of Native Australian flavours. 

Taste profile: This tea is minty with a little savoury and citrus punch from the ants.
Shelf Life: 12 months
Serving Size: Each 50 g is approximately 40 cups of tea.

You will need a strainer or tea pot.  All of our teas are hand-blended to ensure a perfect balance of Native Australian flavours.

This is loose leaf caffeine-free tea made from premium dried herbs and fruits.

Australia Wide

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◎ Due to our hand blending and keeping products as fresh as possible, items may take 7-10 days to prepare, and then send from the Clare Valley.  There has been delays due to boarder closures.  


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