Native Davidson Plum & Finger Lime shine in new Haigh's and Warndu Partnership

Haigh’s Chocolates, together with Indigenous owned co-culture lifestyle brand Warndu, has embarked on a three-year journey together as the chocolatier continues to further develop Australian native foods and botanicals and how they work with chocolate. 

Warndu x Haighs Chocolate Partnership Bush Tucker Chocolate

Australia’s oldest family-owned chocolate maker, Haigh’s Chocolates will, on Tuesday 16 February, unveil the first two products to be released in the exclusive Haigh’s and Warndu range. 

Haigh’s Chocolates Chief Executive, Alister Haigh said that the partnership between Haigh’s and Warndu illustrates one of the ways that we are continuously developing new and exciting chocolates, often in response to direct customer feedback. 

“Haigh’s first introduced native ingredients into our range in 2003 with the launch of our Australian Collection that included ingredients including wattleseed, quandong and lemon myrtle. The traditional processes and techniques of our chocolate making combined with the vibrant flavours that we have discovered through Warndu make for two special new products,” Mr Haigh said. 

“Both Haigh’s and Warndu are backed by history, family and tradition. Our respective values and ethos are aligned and this range has been carefully created with great cooperation between both brands.” 

Warndu Founder, Rebecca Sullivan said the partnership with Haigh’s Chocolates started two years ago through Haigh’s Technical and Product Manager, Ben Kolly. 

“Ben contacted us to order some native ingredients to start exploring ways to match Haigh’s milk and dark chocolate with traditional Indigenous fruits and botanicals and from there, our relationship blossomed into where we are now launching the first two chocolate blocks.” 


Warndu X Haighs Finger Lime Milk Chocolate

◎ Milk Chocolate with Finger Lime: Indigenous to South-East Queensland and Northern New South Wales, the Finger Lime tree has fruit in a range of vibrant colours. Each fruit is filled with tiny ‘caviar pearls’ bursting with citrus flavour. These fragrant and zesty flavours combined with Haigh’s premium milk chocolate are the perfect balance between creamy and tangy.

Warndu x Haighs Dark Chocolate with Warndu Davidson Plum


◎ Dark Chocolate with Davidson Plum: From the rainforests of Queensland and Northern New South Wales, Warndu's Davidson Plum is a plump and juicy fruit with deep purple skin and striking red flesh. The earthy aroma and refreshing tartness of the Davidson Plum is a perfect match for the rich cocoa and dried fruit notes of Haigh’s premium dark chocolate.

Warndu Co-Founder, Damien Coulthard said the partnership was another positive step towards an Australian native food revolution.  

“We worked closely together to identify the best possible flavour profiles to let the vibrant, zesty and unique complex tastes of Warndu’s products blend seamlessly with the creaminess of Haigh’s Chocolate.” 


Warndu X Haighs Chocolate with Warndu Finger lime and Warndu Davidson Plum

“This is a wonderful opportunity for Warndu. Being able to showcase and share these ingredients with Haigh’s Chocolates customers brings new light and new ways to educate a broader audience on how we are regenerating the culture, traditions and community of Indigenous heritage and ingredients,” Damien said. 

Rebecca continued “Integrity is key for us and this was very much a right place, right time opportunity. We’re continuing to work with the Haigh’s Chocolates team to develop the next line of products to be released.” 

Haigh’s Chocolates Warndu Milk Chocolate with Finger Lime and Dark Chocolate with Davidson Plum blocks will be available from Tuesday 16 February, 2021 at Haigh’s Chocolates stores and online at