We asked our most engaged customers

We recently ran a survey. This is what we found out…

Next Product

The next products we are looking into are Native Spice Seasoning and Bush Food Boost - a supplement to put in your morning smoothie.



Suggestions made/questions asked

  1. Gift Wrapping - we are working on gift wrapping as an option for Christmas 2019.

  2. Compostable packaging - we are working on compostable packaging. We hate the postage bags from AusPost but currently it is the most economical way for us to send out items. We promise this is near the top of our list for 2020.

  3. Increase access for Aboriginal People living in urban area’s - to whomever wrote this query please do contact us on rebecca@warndu.com we would love to discuss this with you.

For those that left such loving and supporting comments love and lemon myrtle right back at you!