Wattleseed, the perfect alternative to coffee!

Warndu's Australian Native Wattleseed Coffee - a caffeine free coffee

If like me you can not even sniff coffee after 2pm at the risk of staring at the ceiling until 3am, then Wattleseed brew is your new best friend. 

Wattleseed (from the Acacia tree) comes in many varieties around 120 of them.

Warndu Wattleseed coffee mix

There are six or so common ones eaten here for their incredible superfood powers. Apart from protein and being a low GI source of carbohydrate, they also contain calcium, zinc, magnesium and Iron.

Warndu Australian Native | Wattleseed Coffee


Freshly roasted and ground they make the best caffeine free coffee. You still get a little energy boost, without the slump and the same nutty, chocolatey flavour profile and mouth feel.

How to Make Wattleseed Coffee

Make it in a plunger with your favourite milk and viola. A truly Aussie brew. We love to add cinnamon and nutmeg to ours and make mini coffee spice bombs.

Buy Wattleseed in 50g freshly roasted and ground bags ready to brew now in our store.