ZIGGYS Native Green Ant, Green Apple & Native Thyme Hot Sauce

Made with love and lemon myrtle by our mates at Ziggys Wildfoods. 

Green Ants, one of the most flavour packed and fascinating ingredients that I've ever come across. Here they’ve been pickled - and added whole into the sauce.
Imagine overwhelming scents of coriander, lime and lemongrass - complete with a tangy satisfying finish.

Tiny yet truly mighty - and sustainably harvested by Something Wild. (Motlof brothers)

Paired with locally picked Native Thyme - one of the most aromatic Native spices - and fermented with green apples for that juicy, tart & citric kick.

Ignited with some long fermented jalapeno chillies - this is the definition of tasty.

◎ UseUse as you would with anything that needs a boost - it’s perfect on roasted meats and veg, tacos and in cocktails.

◎ Taste profile: Native Thyme boasts a more complex flavour than Mentha mints. With hints of pepper and earthy tones, both the leaves and flowers have minty qualities. Green Ants 

◎ Shelf Life: 12 months

◎ Capacity: 200ml

◎ Ingredients:  Jalapeno Chilli, Granny Smith apple, Ghost Chilli,  Spanish Onion, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Lime, Tasman Sea Salt, Garlic, Native Thyme, Native Green Ant, Tasmanian Pepperberry, Xanthan Gum (a type of sugar that is made from a bacteria called Xanthomonas campestris, through a process of fermentation) 

To maintain Warndu taste we keep smaller quantities on hand of our Australian Natives, it takes us a little while to dry, roast or grind them to make. We aim to send all orders within ten days of receiving them.

Australia Wide

◎ We send by tracked standard Australia Post and offer Express Post.  With Express Post please be aware that we still require 3-10 days for packing from the time of order. This allows us to blend products and keep up with the volume of orders. Express post speeds up the AusPost delivery time. 

◎ We offer free delivery over $100 when you enter FREESHIP at checkout.

◎ Delivery cost is by weight i.e.

◦ $12 for a book, spices or teas 
◦ Up to $25 for a larger order

◎ Due to our hand blending and keeping products as fresh as possible, items may take 7-10 days to prepare, and then send from the Clare Valley. There has been delays due to border closures. We generally send items on Tuesdays. 

International Shipping and Currencies

◎ We ship worldwide and accept other currencies. 

◎ We send standard postage with Australia post prices range from $28 AUD - $100 AUD with a maximum of 5 kilos. 

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