Wattleseed Sprinkle ~ Fresh and whole

Limited edition - we are no longer going to be harvesting Acacia Cowleana. We have a limited supply in stock.

Wattleseed (Acacia Cowleana) is wild harvested in the Flinders Ranges. Warndu welcomes to the range this Australian Native Wholefood. We like to call it Wattleseed Sprinkle and think it should be the new pepita or sunflower seed.

Toast in a dry pan until it POPS like popcorn and use as a spice (like you would toast cumin) or sprinkle on salads, veggies, desserts, and cereals. It is also the perfect addition to your trail mix.

The seeds are a wholefood because it is eaten with the husk, it retains all of its beneficial nutrients. Our other Wattleseed powder is best as a flavouring or a coffee substitute.

◎  Common Name: Wattleseed

◎  Scientific or Latin Name: Acacia Cowleana

◎  Comparison: Nutty

◎  Seasonality: All year dried

◎  Region: Arid

◎  Size: This comes in 50g in a resealable and compostable bag or 1 kilo bulk bag.  Contact us for Wholesale or larger bulk orders.  

Wattleseed is featured in these recipes in Warndu Mai

Love the flavour? Taste our distinct coffee-alternative using Wattleseed spice or try our infused Wattleseed Balsamic Vinegar. You'll also find a hint of roasted Wattleseed in our deliciously blended Wild Chai Latte.

Warndu means good in the Adnyamathanha language. Our mission is to REGENERATE culture, community, tradition, health and our soils. Every product we make includes one or more Australian Native ingredients. 

Our products are all made in Australia from 100% locally sourced, seasonal and wild harvested produce.

To maintain Warndu taste we keep smaller quantities on hand of our Australian Natives, it takes us a little while to dry, roast or grind them to make. We aim to send all orders within ten days of receiving them.

Australia Wide

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