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It’s only fitting that the very best of Australia’s produce and wine take centre stage at the iconic Sydney Opera House’s Bennelong restaurant. Celebrated Australian chef Peter Gilmore steers the diner through the diversity of the nation’s home-grown flavours introducing what he envisages as the essence of Australian cuisine.

Bennelong serves to celebrate the Sydney Opera House and its extraordinary architecture by offering a culturally significant and inspiring menu showcasing a most magnificent production of Australian food and wine.

Executive Chef Peter Gilmore explains the philosophy that drives Bennelong:

“Bennelong is all about the provenance of the food we are serving. The menu is very much crafted in partnership with the farmers, fishermen, breeders and providores from across the land with whom our chefs work together with every day. It’s a two way process: we’re responding to what’s in season and the best of what producers are bringing us, but on another level, we are planning menus a season or two ahead, working hand-in-glove with our producers to develop ingredients tailored to Bennelong’s menus.

An absolute must go to when in Sydney.

Playing With Fire

Fresh produce and value add.

Information from their website.

Playing with Fire is owned by Gus Donaghy and Rebecca Barnes. We found inspiration one day when wandering through the bush we discovered the delights of native raspberries. A trial crop was planted a few months later and was a huge success. Our appetite for Australias indigenous foods was born and still grows today. We are fascinated by the variety, nutrition, taste, colours and smells of foods available and largely ignored by white man. We operate from beautiful Ballina by the Sea in northern New South Wales and have become passionate about this regions rainforests and coastal heaths.
Some years on from our original discovery and the potential for these fruits has only grown. We have been supplying rainforest fruits for testing and research to Food Science Australia . Their research has shown these fruits are literally loaded with anti-oxidants and health-giving nutrition. Clinical trials are underway to investigate further bioactivity including antimutagenic and anti-cancer activities. we'll keep you posted....................
 To see more on the research click on the following link: