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Bush Food Australia

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Prior to the white man settling in Australia, traditional aboriginal people lived off the land as nomadic hunters and gatherers for over 40,000 years. Over 1000s of generations they have acquired the skills to use the natural resources nature has to offer. Fully understanding what could be eaten, used for medicine etc. From this we now have a rich knowledge of unique natural Australian ingredients that have distinctive tastes, to this country. Some plants have been accepted into mainstream western ideas too, for their tastes, health/medical properties… From the dry arid interior to the lush rainforests.

At Bush Food Australia, we:

  • supply commercial quantities of wattle seed roasted and ground (Acacia victoriae) for the Australian native food, cosmetic, revegatation (Raw Seed), dietary supplement and pharmaceutical industries.

  • supply many other native foods and materials on request.

  • work hand in hand with the South Australian Government and private land owners to collect wild harvested seed. Permits are gained to collect on crown land under strict guidelines, to protect the environment, for future harvest.

  • are constantly seeking ways to refine our collection, cleaning, roasting and grinding methods to ensure a first grade product.

  • support research into nutrition and health, production and food technology and recipe development.

T and F All States

Information from their website.

T & F All States has begun a new era in fresh produce providoring.

Our number one passion and focus is supplying quality fresh and prepared fruit and vegetables direct to you. T & F All States proudly support the Hospitality and Food Services Industry in Sydney, Blue Mountains, Newcastle, Hunter Valley, South Coast and Canberra with daily deliveries.

Saying is one thing - Doing is another...T & F All States are doing it. We supply hotels, restaurants, catering companies, shipping, hospitals, schools, food production businesses, and more.

Please call us to find out about our range of products and services, and how we can add value to your business.