Health & Wellbeing Detox one month Program

Health & Wellbeing Detox one month Program

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Did you know that the Australian Native ingredients we use in our teas are highly functional? In fact some of them are the highest sources of vitamins in the world. We think that is beyond ace and would love for you to give them a try, to start your New Year with good health and wellbeing. We have put together a month-long 'detox' pack. Choose from the two bags or three bags a day packs. Drink them hot or iced, for a month for just $60 or $80. Each pack comes with the mixed assortment of brew bags as well as an Ingredient key so you can learn all about what's in our Australian Native tea bags and how they can help your mind, body and spirit.

A Day:
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Morning - Davidson plum - Jam packed with your daily antioxidants this tea is the perfect morning on guard remedy to help you get through your busy day.

Afternoon Pick me up. The three lemon combination helps to stop you craving afternoon snacks and will give you a little re-boost.

Finger Lime - Super high in potassium, vitamin K and folate. The mint helps with digestion so a great before bed tea.