Bush Tomato 50g

Bush Tomato 50g


Bush tomato (desert rasin or Kutjera) is a delight. Both savoury and sweet and packing a punch. We LOVE bush tomato and use it in everything.

These beauties are wild harvested in central Australia by an amazing group of Indigenous women. They have been in short supply in the past years so we are lucky to have them.

Try them ground and rubbed into your BBQ meat, on a cheese board or in stews and casseroles.

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These whole bush tomatoes (often referred to as desert rasin or their Indigenous name Kutjera) are an incredible snack or used crushed/ground in cooking. Amazing in casseroles and stews, with cheese as a meat rub or in savoury deserts, they truly are a unique addition to your meals. Ours are hand harvested by Aboriginal People in the central desert and Northern Territory.