Strawberry Gum (Freshly Ground 50g)

Strawberry Gum (Freshly Ground 50g)


Our favourite ingredient of them all picked in Pink Gully, NSW and ground fresh for you. Strawberry Gum is powerful in protecting our Micro-flora in the gut because of its strong anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties. An excellent addition to your daily good gut health.
This is not just perfect in tea, but an incredible addition to all of your deserts. Check out our recipes for more ideas on how to use Strawberry Gum. 

Delivered in 50g re-sealable bag. 

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Shelf life is 12 months

Product Info:
This product is shipped in a resealable bag
The bag is 11cm wide by 17 cm high and is about 2 cm wide when full.
50g of freshly ground Ausralian Native Strawberry Gum