Bookabee Australia

Information from their website

Bookabee Australia is a family owned and operated business. We specialize in providing authentic Aboriginal experiences in Adelaide South Australia and through the outback. Central to our philosophy is the sharing of our Muda, (stories of creation) passed down from our elders and caring for country. Important elders such as Haydyn's Grandfathers, Uncles and other community members have contributed to the depth of knowledge and experiences shared on tour. Visiting 30,000 year old cave painting sites and rock engravings dated back over 40,000 years, gives visitors an insight into pre-European life. Symbols depicting native animals, birds and elements of Adnyamathanha traditional ceremony provide unique glimpses of our traditions and culture. Combine this with Yura Muda and you have an award winning mix of experiences that take tour guests into Adnyamathanha life and culture in the Flinders Ranges. Our environmental policy ensures that the land and Aboriginal sites visited are looked after and respected with minimal impact on the surrounding environment. 

In 2007, Bookabee Australia Pty Ltd was established and now has 3 distinct business arms within the company:

  1. Bookabee Tours Australia: Middle to high end, local and outback touring.

  2. Bookabee Services Australia:Government and non-government consultancy services including Aboriginal Affairs, Cross Cultural Awareness Training and general consultancy services.