Why Warndu?

Warndu Australian Native Food | Our Impact

Our goal is to benefit Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities by creating a sustainable native food industry.

Less than 2% of the people involved in the booming Australian Native Food Industry are First Nations People.

Since 2016 we have put more than $130,000 into other Indigenous businesses and people through procurement of produce at fair rates, services for events including welcome to country, speakers, front of house and back of house staff.

Our Impact Stats | Warndu Australian Native Food

We work in partnership with Indigenous communities, harvesters, and growers across Australia, and each product – from loose-leaf lemon myrtle tea to freeze dried finger lime - contains at least one native ingredient.

Every Warndu product is good for cooking, good for health, good for the environment and, most importantly, good for providing Indigenous Australians with jobs and training within the horticulture and food industries.

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Warndu is Aboriginal Owned and Supply Nation Registered. We source our products from across Australian aboriginal & non-aboriginal wild harvesters and farmers.

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Warndu is an environmentally-conscious business and supports renewable energy in Australia. We are part of the GreenPower business directory, for choosing to buy accredited renewable energy from the grid from a GreenPower provider.