Aboriginal people – refers to mainland First Nations people of Australia

Torres Strait Islander people – the First Nations people of the Torres Strait islands (above Queensland)

Indigenous people - originating in a particular place (original people)

  • First Nations people of Australia
  • use capital ‘A’ and capital ‘I’ when referring to people – (plants can be indigenous also)
  • generally includes all Aboriginal people regardless of Aboriginal Nation of origin

Country – Aboriginal Nation – more than 250 Nations across the continent of Australia. More than just land – it is lore, kinship, language and stories.

Nations/Mobs – refers to the many diverse Aboriginal Nations (refer to the Aboriginal Australia Map)

Adnyamathanha Nation – Damien’s Country (Flinders Ranges and Gammon Ranges in South Australia)

  • Ikara (Wilpena Pound) meeting place

Kaurna Country – Adelaide, South Australia

Eora Nation – 29 clan groups collectively makeup the Eora Nation (NSW)

Gadigal people - are a coastal clan in the Sydney region.

Yarning Circle – introduction of Native ingredients to taste and topic questions

Creation time (The Dreaming) describes a time when rules and laws for living were created by spiritual ancestral beings. 

They created rivers, lakes, oceans, plants, land formation, sky formations and living creatures. 

Songlines are Intricate maps of land, sea and country

  • they explain travel, trade routes, where water holes are and where and when to find food.
  • They can be mirrored between earth and the night sky
  • Connect people to Country and Country to people


Creation stories (Dreaming stories) are shared through cultural expressions including art, dance, songs and stories. These are passed down through the generations and belong to the language groups and families on each unique Country.

Lore  The term 'lore' refers to the customs and stories the Aboriginal peoples learned from the Creation time. Aboriginal lore is passed on through the generations through songs, stories and dance and it governed all aspects of traditional life.

Totem -  is a natural object, plant or animal that is inherited by members of a clan or family as their spiritual emblem. Totems define peoples' roles and responsibilities, and their relationships with each other.

Kinship - is a complex system that determines relationships between family and community members and all aspects of their living environment, including flora and fauna. Kinship is also an important part of ceremonial business.

Ochre – is a pigment called iron oxide.  Traditionally used for medicinal and cultural purposes (Damien uses it on his art pieces)

Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property refers to the rights that Indigenous people have to protect their traditional arts, culture and knowledge.