Warndu is an Indigenous owned company. Warndu means good in the Adnyamathanha language, native to the Flinders Ranges country in South Australia.  

Our mission is to REGENERATE culture, community, tradition, heath and our soils. Every product we make includes one or more Native Australian Ingredients. 

Warndu was founded in 2016 by Damien Coulthard, Rebecca Sullivan and Siobhan O'Toole. 

Warndu founders

Warndu founders, Rebecca Sullivan and Damien Coulthard


We must develop a new co-culture approach to the future, drawing on the oldest continuous civilisation in the world and building to the resilience of a multicultural Australia.

Meet us

Rebecca Sullivan

Rebecca Sullivan is a self-taught cook and has worked with some of the world’s best food producers, academics, activists, and chefs. As food curator, activist, food writer, urban farmer and entrepreneur, Rebecca has worked on many projects any food lover would envy. From launching the Real Food Festival in London to working on Slow Food Nation in San Francisco, farming coffee in Uganda to teaching scientists the art of communications in the Maldives for the United Nations.

Rebecca recently completed her Masters in International Rural Development and Sustainable Agriculture at the Royal Agricultural College in Gloucestershire, UK during which she focused on food security and a sustainable food future and is now undertaking another Masters in Food History at the University of Adelaide. 


Rebecca Sullivan Warndu


Rebecca’s obsession with food began in Italy, so it followed course that she would become interested in the Slow Food Movement in which she spent years working with them in the UK and US organising events, campaigns and of course, eating. She is extraordinarily passionate about heritage, tradition, sustainability and the things that we all love - good, clean and fair produce. 

After a decade working overseas, she has re-settled back in Australia and consults to organisations on education and strategy work in and around the food, environment and lifestyle sectors and sustainability. 

Wish Magazine in The Australian has called her "A veritable modern day Mrs Beeton.” 

Damien Coulthard

Damien Coulthard is an Adnyamathanha man from the Northern Flinders and Gammon Ranges in South Australia; a sacred place of immense social and environmental significance to the Adnyamathanha people. Damien’s paintings share family narratives that have existed for millennia, embedded in the Yarta (diverse landscapes) as a record and reminder for all diversities and identities of the unique and continuous - spiritual and cultural connection Aboriginal people have to Country.

Damien has worked as the South Australian Aboriginal Secondary Training Academy (SAASTA) Coordinator, at the Elite SAASTA Sports Academy and for the past decade as a teacher at Le Fevre High School with a special focus on supporting and educating Aboriginal students. Damien highlights key elements of successfully working with Aboriginal students as recognition and celebration of cultural identity, as well as developing and nurturing individual interests, broadening knowledge and understanding of career pathways, and providing opportunities to further sporting aspirations, which he also champions in his role as an Educator at the Tjindu Foundation.

Damien Warndu

For the past five years, Damien has been a board member of the South Australian Native Title Service; here members work in collaboration to support Aboriginal Nations to achieve Native Title through negotiation and consent, to reach cultural and economic aspirations and firmly establish their community goals of self -determination.

Damien is a co-founder of Warndu (Adnyamathanha word meaning ‘good’), an Aboriginal owned business whose foundation is based on the principle of ‘looking to the past to protect our future.’ Warndu successfully works in partnership with Aboriginal communities, harvesters, and growers across Australia, to source Native Ingredients and encourage our country to use them in their daily lives. Warndu draws upon the dynamic harvesting and healing practices of the past to open minds and to encourage an interconnection with all people, plants, and the earth. Their mission is to REGENERATE culture, tradition, community, health, seas, and soils.

Damien is also an artist, you can follow him on instagram here →



Siobhan O'Toole

Siobhan O'Toole joined the Warndu team in 2016 as part owner of the business.  Siobhan has a strong business and consulting background with 20+ years of high value consulting and delivery of large scale programs. Siobhan was born on Yorta Yorta land (Cobram in Regional Victoria). Read more about Siobhan over at her website → 


Our supporters and journey

2014 The initial idea for Warndu was spawned. 

2015 Product development and testing took place.  

2016 Founded as a PTY LTD and launched a successful crowdfunding campaign with ING Dreamstarter. 

2017 Grant for Growth from ING and Sefa partners.

2018 Agreement with Hachette to publish our cookbook.

2019 Launched Warndu Mai Cookbook. Rebecca was a finalist in the rural women's awards.

2020 Received a grant from the ILSC and selected to work with PWC PIC to develop a business plan.

2021 Adelaide Festival event curation of Ngarku'adlu (Let's Eat) with three days of Native Lunch Boxes, premium meals and experiences. Launched the Home & Body range and education sessions. 

2022 Started RAP consultancy and speakers program.