Mabu Mabu

Mabu Mabu Chef Nornie Bero's Mabu Mabu an Indigenous owned Bar & Kitchen offering Events and Catering.  


Mabu Mabu  means “help yourself” and you can't but help yourself to the gorgeous products this Melbourne based bar and kitchen welcomes you to explore full of Australian Native Food and Australian Native Fruits.  

Mabu Mabu's small batch teas, spices, and sauces with Indigenous and tropical flavours are all made by hand and sourced from suppliers who are passionate about sustainable practices. 

Mabu Mabu is an Australian restaurant and catering company based in Melbourne. It was founded by chef and entrepreneur Nornie Bero, a Torres Strait Islander woman with Indigenous Australian heritage. Mabu Mabu, which means "help yourself" in the Meriam Mir language from the Torres Strait Islands, offers a unique dining experience with a focus on Indigenous Australian flavours and ingredients.

What makes Mabu Mabu unique is its commitment to showcasing native Australian ingredients and supporting local Indigenous communities. The restaurant incorporates native bush foods and traditional cooking techniques into its dishes, offering a contemporary take on Indigenous Australian cuisine. The menu features a variety of dishes inspired by the diverse Indigenous cultures across Australia, including dishes like kangaroo, wallaby, and crocodile, as well as an array of native fruits, spices, and herbs.

Mabu Mabu is also dedicated to sourcing ingredients directly from Indigenous suppliers and farmers, supporting their communities and promoting sustainable practices. This approach not only highlights the richness and diversity of Indigenous Australian culinary traditions but also contributes to the preservation and celebration of Indigenous culture.

Furthermore, Mabu Mabu goes beyond being just a restaurant by offering catering services and conducting workshops, events, and collaborations that promote Indigenous food, culture, and knowledge. The restaurant serves as a platform for raising awareness about Indigenous history, traditions, and the importance of supporting Indigenous communities.

In summary, Mabu Mabu stands out for its unique blend of contemporary and traditional Indigenous Australian cuisine, its use of native ingredients, its support for Indigenous communities, and its dedication to preserving and sharing Indigenous culture.