Tumbeela Native Foods


Fresh and dried Lemon Myrtle and Mountain Pepper Leaf and berry

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Lemon Myrtle and Mountain Pepper, fresh or dried, may be purchased direct from South Australia’s premium grower Tumbeela Native Bushfoods in the Adelaide hills.

Tumbeela is a small but imaginative family business looking for something different, something special, something to make good food even better.

We supply premium hotels, restaurants, innovative cafes and the better bakeries and have a delightful range of native products for home use.

Lemon Myrtle leaf: what is it, where to buy it and how to use it?

Lemon Myrtle leaf, fresh or dried, is a game changer. Creative chefs are using it in stunning ways across their repertoires from entrees to deserts. Home cooks too are responding to the magic of Lemon Myrtle, using it to create new taste horizons for favourite dishes.

The leaves of the Lemon Myrtle when crushed or infused exhibit an exquisite flavour not unlike lemon, limes and lemon grass.  Lemon Myrtle has a natural affinity with seafood, chicken dishes, pork and curries. It is superb in cakes, ice cream, pasta and soups.
It makes a refreshing, delicate and calming tea. it is both versatile and unique.

Quite simply Lemon Myrtle is a winner and it is Australian.

Mountain Pepper leaf: fresh or dried

Mountain Pepper leaf is another stunner, subtle but definitive. The leaves are traded as fresh, whole, dried or ground. While not a true pepper the leaves are hot, zesty and full
of pepper like flavours. the heat dissipates with cooking, leaving the soft flavours of the Mountain Pepper sitting under the flavour of your dish.

Ideal for roasts, curries, tomato or cheese dishes, pate and pasta – infact any dish which calls for pepper.