First Nations Food Companion for the win!!!

We are so thrilled to share the news that First Nations Food Companion by Daimen Coulthard & Rebecca Sullivan has been selected as the WINNER of the Illustrated Non-Fiction category for the Indie Book of the Year Awards 2023.

The book received some incredible feedback from the judges, and we couldn't be more proud of Bec and Damien for their talent and dedicated passion that packs the pages of this book:

First Nations Food Companion seeks to make it less daunting for the experienced cook to use the abundance of native foods that First Nations peoples have known about for millennia. The ingredients may not always be easy to find, but demand for them will increase their commercial availability, and this is one of the hopes of this handsome book. The combination of delicate botanical line drawings, attractive photography and coloured pages add to its appeal.”

FNFC Indie Book Illustrated Non-Fiction Award 2023

“First Nations Food Companion is an informative guide to more than 60 Indigenous ingredients, including where you can forage (where you can purchase etc), grow and store them. Sharing a meal is a universal joy, a way of bringing people together and for conversations to begin. So, this book is more than just a compilation of recipes, but rather a medium for the sharing of First Nation people’s historical, cultural and culinary knowledge. This is a beautifully produced book. The cover, the photographs, the illustrations and the general layout is first class. It is a wonderful addition to our cuisine section and makes an ideal gift.”

“This book is, to put it simply, incredible. My main concern going in, was 'how hard would the required ingredients be to source'.  Turns out not too hard.  Whilst some are admittedly (a lot) harder to track down than others, there are plenty to be found and this companion includes a small guide on stockists. It also has a generous section on each ingredient, including its uses, how to grow it, and even where and when to forage for it.  If all else fails, there are substitutions listed for each of the native ingredients. My favourite recipe (both to make and to eat) is the Beetroot, Chocolate & Wattleseed Cake (even if it did blow my mind to learn that you can use mashed potato as a substitute for beetroot).”

Warndu Austrailan Native Food | First Nations Food Companion Cookbook

We would like to make a special thanks to Thames and Hudson, who were the sponsors of the Illustrated Non-Fiction category.

Try it for yourself!

Get your copy of the award-winning First Nations Food Companion today and get cooking.

Warndu Austrailan Native Food | First Nations Food Companion Cookbook