Reconciliation Action Plan at RAA

Reconciliation Australia's RAP framework provides organisations with a structured approach to further the reconciliation movement in Australia.

The RAA (Royal Automobile Association of South Australia) is dedicated to learning about and developing relationships with the Traditional Owners of the land we live and work on, throughout South Australia and beyond. They recently launched their first ever Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), 'Better for members, better for our community', to demonstrate their formal commitment towards reconciliation as an organisation. Created for them by Warndu's own Damien Coulthard is a dedicated, beautiful painting that celebrates the first steps on their path to reconciliation by recognising and celebrating the culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Damien Coulthard | ‘Mudanha Marlkanga Nunggunda’ – passing on the Yura Muda (histories) through the transfer of knowledge.

The canvas represents ‘Mudanha Marlkanga Nunggunda’ – passing on the Yura Muda (histories) through the transfer of knowledge.

The RAA Reconciliation Action Plan Cultural Expression Painting is embodied with ochre harvested from the Flinders and Gammon Ranges, the home of the Adnyamathanha Nation. Ochre has been an integral part of sharing Yura Muda in our community for many generations, and to this day is used in all forms of cultural expressions by First Nation peoples. It is important to acknowledge that Damien has been given permission from Adnyamathanha Elders to access specific sites and harvest respectfully.

The dual markings across the canvas in white lines are symbolic to the transfer of knowledge related to complex kinship systems, the intricate characteristics of each system that connect people to diverse landscapes and provide sound governance.

RAA's Reconciliation Journey: An interview with Damien Coulthard

Check out the video series below featuring an interview with Damien Coulthard about the RAA's reconciliation journey:

 PART 1: Warndu's Damien Coulthard introduces himself and talks about the importance of country and identity as part of the work he completed to help RAA develop their Reconciliation Action Plan. 

PART 2: Damien speaks about the significance of place, weather, plants and animals, and shares some Yura Muda stories.

PART 3: Damien introduces the painting he’s created to celebrate RAA’s reconciliation journey.

PART 4: A bonus segment where Damien speaks about the importance of learning from a diverse range of aboriginal voices.

PART 5: A bonus segment where Damien shares a story about his grandmother, and the importance of acknowledging the hardships of the past.

PART 6: A bonus segment where Damien discusses the importance of recognising female voices in storytelling and community.

Visit the RAA website to access a range of material and videos so you can learn more about the painting, its origins, process and significance. You can view the original painting at Mile End, on the wooden staircase near the staff car park entrance.