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At Warndu we have a focus on regeneration and a key part of regeneration is financial security. As we looked at posts regarding International Women's Day 2022 (IWD2022) we got to thinking about how only 18% of women own shares, yet 70-80% of the household shopping is done by women and in 2022 is that the greatest rate of homelessness in Australia is women. It is 2022 and the pay gap is widening, not closing.


IWD2022 Pay Gap Widening

We heard women speak about leaning into the masculine energy of risk taking, we also heard our nan say - oh shares you can lose money… Well that is true but you can also create wealth. Back in December 2020 Warndu began its partnership with Upstreet to reward our customers for purchases with Warndu. Customers can earn 2% of the purchase value in fractional shares, and double their share rewards after 5 purchases. The shares we are rewarding customers with are in “BetaShares Australian Sustainability Leaders ETF”, which is listed in the Australian Stock Exchange under the ticker: FAIR. To learn more about the stock “FAIR”, click here.

We chose to reward customers with FAIR shares as they are aligned with our mission of sustainability and regeneration. Many of you have asked about Upstreet. Well, Upstreet provides a frictionless way to earn fractional shares as you shop. Unlike rewards points, you don’t have to cash in the shares, you can earn and save your shares. Yes, the value of the shares you’ve been rewarded can go down, but they can also go up! Through the Upstreet app, you can even play Upstreet’s free game, “moonshot” and win up to $100 in fractional shares daily. To learn more about Upstreet, click here.

We also partnered with Upstreet because you can earn shares not just with Warndu, but also with 400 other brands, thus allowing you to start your share portfolio.. You can earn shares with everything from large international companies such as Canva and to other small businesses such as ourselves, Minnow (Australian children’s clothing), Tamburlaine wines (organic wines from the Hunter Valley) or even to get a car loan at CarClarity. Given that it’s a financial app, Upstreet is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), so it is all legitimate. Any data you provide in the app is secure through the highest encryption levels and you can find their privacy policy here. (We checked all this out prior to signing up with Upstreet.) The average value of a person’s portfolio on Upstreet is $100.

Now, this is just from their normal shopping for gifts, or even diapers (from BabyBunting). So it’s essentially free money. Would love to know your thoughts on our share reward program.

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