Ethics over price point...

Warndu takes ethics seriously. We have spent years building relationships and choose to source only from ethical growers, harvesters and suppliers. We take great pride in buying (our Kakadu Plum as an example) from Indigenous harvesters and businesses where possible. We buy pure, unadulterated and tested product. If you buy Kakadu Plum powder from us, then it is 100% Kakadu Plum.

This is the same for all our spices. They are what they say they are on the packet. Whilst not every product is sourced always from Indigenous owned businesses, our supply chain is ethical and we buy from people doing the right thing.

Ensure the authenticity of the product you buy, by asking questions of whomever you buy from. Always.

Why are some native food products so expensive?

Supply of native foods and the seasonal nature of wild harvesting means that they are not available all year round and there are very few farmers who grow native edible plants commercially. This is changing though and as more demands happens, so will supply and then things will become less niche and more affordable for all. It is however important to know, these foods are not just fuel, they should be seen as medicine, so their value in our opinion is high.

Why some of our products can’t be called organic?

Here is the irony, wild harvested food can’t be called organic as there is no controls or way of ticking boxes for the Organic police. To us, wild harvested food is beyond organic. Our commercially grown products are different however.


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