Australian Native Meat Rub

An Easy peasy way to get Australian Native Food integrated into your culinary weapons is a meat rub or a spice mix.

Mix in a bowl and rub generously over favourite meat - we love this on Macro Meats Kangaroo 

To make the rub mix up 

  • 2 tblsp Salt 



Warndu Lamb Rack


  • Black Peppercorns for Pepperberry
  • Bay Leaf for Pepperberry Leaf or nutmeg
  • Sun-dried tomatoes for bush Tomato
  • Cinnamon for Cinnamon Myrtle Powder


Get creative with your poached barramundi and try some of our incredible Native Australian herbs and spices.


Australian Native Warndu Pepper Berry Leaf

Australian Native Warndu Pepper Berry ~ Pepperberry

Australian Native Warndu Bush Tomato

Australian Native Warndu Cinnamon Myrtle