Finally Iced Tea Weather


It has been a long winter here in Australia and after a touch and go start to spring its finally time to crack out the ice cubes.

We can think of no perfect addition than an array of Warndu Iced Teas for your summer evenings and weekend relaxing with a good book at the beach, by the pool or inside in the aicondtitioned comfort on your couch!

The best way to make them is to start by choosing your favourite Warndu tea from our six flavours. 

  1. Strawberry Gum and Elderflower Tea

  2. Davidson Plum & Lemon Myrtle Loose Leaf Tea

  3. Three Lemon -  Lemon Myrtle, Native Lemon Grass & Lemon Verbena Loose Leaf Tea

  4. Quandong and Anise Myrtle

  5. Fingerlime and Rivermint

  6. Rivermint and Ant

How to make it

Brew three bags or 10g of loose leaf in 500ml of boiling water. Let it steep for 3-5 minutes.
Stir in some sweeter if you like, a tablespoon of honey or sugar to taste. Let it cool, top with another 500ml of water and loads of ice. Serve in a jug with lots of native herbs to garnish!
Oh and this makes a wonderful cocktail too with a splash of gin or vodka.