Use your fruit leftovers to make a home made non-alcoholic shrub

All that leftover fruit from the Christmas table or dinner party makes a fabulous base for a Shrub.

Rebecca Sullivans Left over Tip make a health drink - Shrub

Photo © Rebecca Sullivan 2021 a Australian Native Shrub 

What is a drinking Shrub?

A shrub is a vinegar based health drink it is also known as drinking vinegar, are concentrated syrups used in beverages.  With a rise of the sober curious and non-alcoholic drinks shrubs provide a great addition to your pantry.  Many shrubs use a vinegar base and then add fruit and herbs to create a unique set of flavours. 

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◎ How to make homegrown Shrub 

Simply fill a clean jar with the fruit. Top it with Apple cider vinegar to cover. Add some honey or maple syrup and spices of your choice (add some natives like Cinnamon Myrtle or Anise Myrtle . Put your lid on. I always leave about an inch of space but make sure liquid covers fruit by an inch. Store in a cool place away from direct sun light. Let it ferment a week or two, shaking daily. Strain into a clean bottle and store in fridge.

Use it as a health shot daily or mixed with soda for a fab mocktail 🍹

Not the make it home type - our mates from Ziggy's Wildfoods have a range of Australian infused Shrubs 

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