A Table In the Gardens Event Raises Over $10,000 for Black Dog Charity!

A Table in the Gardens charity event | Warndu Australian Native Food

Warndu donated delicious Green Ants to this event!

In a spectacular evening celebrating Australian diversity and culinary excellence, A Table In the Gardens event hosted on November 3rd at the Botanic Gardens Sydney was an astounding success, raising a remarkable $10,203.00 for the Black Dog charity. The sold-out event welcomed 80 attendees who indulged in a sumptuous 12-course dinner complemented by exquisite wines and drinks.

The evening boasted a unique menu featuring the standout ingredient, Green Ants, which not only tantalised taste buds but also sparked engaging conversations about the richness and potential of authentic Australian produce. The organisers emphasised the importance of showcasing these local treasures, steering away from stereotypical representations of Australian cuisine.

Will and Emily, the brains behind this unforgettable gathering, expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the attendees and the community for their overwhelming support, describing it as an event that far exceeded their expectations.

"We’re just blown away by the support we received to make it happen - a genuine community effort."
A Table in the Gardens charity event | Warndu Australian Native Food

The event, described as brilliantly connected, lively, and engaging, left a lasting impression on all participants, with resounding enthusiasm for future editions echoing throughout the evening. Attendees were not only treated to a gastronomic feast but also engaged in meaningful discussions about the significance of supporting local and celebrating the unique offerings of Australian cuisine.

The organisers also took the opportunity to extend their gratitude to Warndu for our contribution and support.

Looking ahead, Will and Emily teased an upcoming event on April 12th, promising a more intimate affair focused on community connection without seeking donations. Attendees of the November 3rd event are eagerly anticipating this gathering, eager to meet the faces behind the successful soirée.

As the organisers wrap up the event's final tallies, they extend their gratitude for everyone's patience during the post-event period, citing various commitments and unforeseen circumstances that caused delays in providing this follow-up update.

A Table in the Gardens charity event | Warndu Australian Native Food

The overwhelming success of the A Table In the Gardens event not only celebrated culinary delights but also demonstrated the power of community support in contributing to charitable causes, leaving an indelible mark on all those involved.

For more details and a visual recap of the evening, visit A Table In The Gardens.

Stay tuned for updates about the upcoming April event that promises another unforgettable gathering celebrating community and culinary excellence.