Damien Coulthard: Indigenous Artist

Damien Coulthard Artist | Warndu Australian Native Food

Artist Profile ~ Damien Coulthard

We wanted to share a little more about our Warndu co-founder and the creative light behind all our indigenous printed products, Damien Coulthard. Damien's work has been captivating art enthusiasts around the globe. His paintings draw on the stories and oral histories of remote South Australia told by his great-grandmother. Using natural ochres gathered with his father from his ancestral Adnyamathanha land, Coulthard creates images of great formal beauty that traverse the topics of creation, landscape, kinship, initiation and food-gathering.

Who is Damien Coulthard?

Damien Coulthard is a contemporary artist hailing from Adelaide, Australia. Born in 1980, he has been a prominent figure in the art world for the past two decades. Coulthard's journey in the world of art began at an early age, and his evolution as an artist is nothing short of extraordinary.

Damien's love for art can be traced back to his childhood. Growing up in the picturesque landscapes of Adelaide, he was profoundly influenced by the natural beauty that surrounded him. His early exposure to his Adnyamathanha culture, rich in artistic traditions, played a significant role in shaping his creative identity.

Damien Coulthard and Rebecca Sullivan family | Warndu Australian Native Food

Artistic Career

In his early career, Damien was deeply inspired by the beauty of the Australian landscape. His paintings during this phase predominantly featured stunning depictions of the outback, showcasing the vibrant colours and vastness of the land.

As Damien delved deeper into his Adnyamathanha roots, his art underwent a transformation. He began incorporating Indigenous motifs and symbols into his work, paying homage to his heritage.

In the world of art, Damien Coulthard shines as a unique and talented artist. His fusion of Adnyamathanha heritage, natural inspiration, and creative expression sets him apart. His art continues to resonate with audiences, and his journey is a testament to the power of creativity.

Damien Coulthard x Warndu

At Warndu we are proud to collaborate with Damien and incorporate some of his artwork on our packaging, candles, tea towels, and tote bags. We pay a fair percentage of the production value of goods, which goes directly to Damien as an indigenous artist.

The followed licensed artworks can be found across our products, and incorporated into our corporate gifting options:

1. Wilytya 'Night'

Damien Coulthard artwork Wilytya 'Night' | Warndu Australian Native Food'Wilytya' means Night in the Adnyamathanha language of the Flinders Ranges.

2. Vatyu 'Day'

Damien Coulthard artwork Vatyu 'Day' | Warndu Australian Native Food

'Vatyu' means Day in the Adnyamathanha language of the Flinders Ranges.

3. Ardla 'Campfire'

Damien Coulthard artwork Ardla 'Campfire' | Warndu Australian Native Food

 'Ardla' means Campfire in the Adnyamathanha language of the Flinders Ranges. It is designed to evoke a feeling of camping around a fire, under the stars in the bush.

4. Madkandyi 'The Big Whirlwind'

Damien Coulthard artwork Madkandyi 'The Big Whirlwind' | Warndu Australian Native Food

'Madkandyi' means The Big Whirlwind.

The painting accounts for the direction of the sandridge's across much of the Central Australian desert, and is an excellent example of the great ability Aboriginal knowledge keepers have of being able to describe vast tracks of country as though they were looking from outer space. 

This story is best understood in conjunction with an Australian continent map depicting sandridges. They are seen as directional lines guiding travel from the Great Victoria Desert and Simpson Desert; connecting to the Flinders Ranges and big lakes of South Australia (Lake Eyre, Lake Torrens and Lake Frome).