New Products ~ Pepper Berry and Pepper Berry Leaf

We love being able to introduce you to new ingredients and we are super excited to finally have two amazing ones to add to your spice cupboard. Pepper Berry and Pepper Berry Leaf.

Grown and harvested in Tasmania, these beauties are an absolute essential. This is the easiest way to start substituting everyday pepper for an Australian Native food version.

Pepper Berry

Whole dried berries, ready for your pepper grinder. Use as you would any pepper. But expect a fruitier spice than normal, with an extra kick. What a perfect place to start in your Australian Native Food journey, something used as an easy substitute for your everyday.

High in antioxidants and a stunning addition to cooking. The berries are great chewed on for a mid-arvo energy boost too.

Peppery Berry Leaf

High in antioxidants and containing Vitamin E, lutein, zinc, magnesium and calcium. The leaf is a stunning addition to cooking.

We love this spice in just about any thing savoury and it actually works wonderfully in creamy desserts too..

This spice is featured in these recipes in Warndu Mai:

Warndu sells Pepper Berry and Pepper Berry Leaf in our online store.

Salt and Pepper Crocodile

Salt and Pepper Crocodile

Warndu Mai's wallaby shanks recipe

Pepper Berry Leaf - 50g


Pepper Berry - 50g