Warndu's Davidson Plum

Our Davidson Plum "Davo Plum" is wild harvested and farmed in the rainforests of Northern New South Wales – on the Bundjalung and Ngarabal lands.

The Davidson plum is renowned for its high levels of antioxidants. Perfect for baking and cooking but best used fresh to maintain its superfood benefits. Davidson Plum is a powerful antioxidant and a super fruit. Try it in smoothies and on your breakfast. They have a low sugar content and a sharp tart, slightly astringent and bitter taste.

Davidson Plum | Warndu Australian Bush Tucker © Warndu Pty Ltd. Photographs by Luisa Brimble.

Found growing in the rainforests in Queensland and northern New South Wales, these trees are tall and slender and the leaves and fruit have irritant hairs. The fruit are bright purple with an almost magenta flesh. These plums are super-tart but make wonderful sauces, jams and ferments. Davidson plum grows in bulbous clusters up to 12 meters high. With deep, dark purple-red flesh and soft pulp, these fruits only superficially represent the European plum.

Davidson Plum | Warndu Australian Bush Tucker © Warndu Pty Ltd. Photographs by Luisa Brimble.

◎  Common Name: Davidson Plum

◎  Scientific or Latin Name: Davidsonia jerseyana

◎  Comparison: Tart and sour plum

◎  Seasonality: All year frozen

◎  Region: Rainforest 

◎  Taste Profile: The Davidson Plum has an earthy aroma, reminiscent of rosella jam and stewed rhubarb with musk and a touch of sweetness. The taste is tart with some astringency and a slight bitterness.

◎  Types: There are four varieties of Davidson plum or “orray”, which grows from the far tropical north of Australia to northern New South Wales. Two – Davidsonia pruriens and Davidsonia jerseyana – are commercially cultivated.

We off this super fruit in a freeze-dried powder form, or as a blended herbal tea.


  • Davidson plum has high amount of anthocyanins which is an antioxidant higher in comparison to the blueberry.
  • It promotes the overall health and prevents diseases.
  • The intake of Davidson plum in small amounts also provides identical benefits.
  • Excellent source of folate, calcium and magnesium.
  • Contains potassium which is vital for the heartbeat, movement of muscles, nerves and kidney functions.
  • High in Zinc and Vitamin E which is needed for the youthful and glowing skin.
  • The content of Lutein is more in comparison to avocado which assists to maintain the eye health.
  • A unique dairy-free source of calcium.
  • An antioxidant powerhouse, containing high levels of anthocyanin, which is thought to improve cognitive function and protect against certain cancers and heart disease.
  • Contains properties believed to have anti-diabetic effects and a capacity to reduce hypertension and obesity.

Traditional Aboriginal Food and Uses

Davidson’s plum has been a staple in the diet of the Aboriginal people of Australia, for tens of thousands of years, and was traditionally used for medicinal purposes. Aborigines ate the plums raw, and used the tree trunks to make harpoons for catching turtles and hunting dugong (a marine mammal).

Western & Modern

Due to the intense acidic flavour and low sugar content, the Davidson Plum is not often eaten as a fresh fruit. However, the tart and intense fruity flavour lends itself to be used in a range of sweet and savoury dishes, including cakes, jams, sauces, yoghurt and ice-cream.

Research is currently being conducted on the Davidson Plum’s antimicrobial properties, which are thought to act as a natural food preservative.


Davidson Plum is a super fruit, rich in antioxidants, vitamins & essential minerals. It is known to effectively aid in the following:

  • Skin health
  • Absorption of essential minerals
  • Treating cancer
  • Reducing chances of a stroke
  • Eliminating colds & flus
  • Promoting metabolism and muscle growth
  • Relaxing muscles
  • Bone health
  • Aiding in healthy digestion
  • Reducing the formation of kidney stones

Nutritional Information






Fat - Total


      - Saturated


Carbohydrates - Total


                         - Sugars





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Davidson Plum | Warndu Australian Bush Tucker © Warndu Pty Ltd. Photographs by Luisa Brimble.

Warndu Products featuring Davidson Plum

This delightful super fruit Davidson Plum comes in a freeze-dried powder, or if you love this flavour try our Davidson Plum & Lemon Myrtle Loose Leaf Tea.


Note: The term 'Bush Tucker' and 'Bush Food' are not Warndu's preferred terms for Australian Native Ingredients or Australian Botanicals.