Wildflowers - Billy Button Seeds

Wonderful for attracting bees and butterflies, Billy Button’s unique golden globes of tall and stout stalk flower from Spring to Summer.

Decorative, unique and easy to grow. As part of the daisy family, you won't find another flower quite like the Billy Buttons Craspedia. The Billy Buttons plant forms a rosette of leaves and yellow spherical flower heads that resemble small tennis balls.

Billy Buttons Craspedia is also disease resistant. It can be used as a decorative plant near borders, planted it in pots and window boxes. The Billy Buttons is a nice cut flower and makes a statement in vases and bouquets.

Common Name: Billy button seeds, Drumsticks, Woollyheads, Craspedia

◎ Botanical Name: Craspedia variabilis

Seasonality: All year fresh

Region: Found in a wide variety of habitats but never alpine. In Western Australia it grows on seasonally wet flats, granite outcrops, slopes and in the Sydney region its distribution is described as "widespread in open forests and grassland".

How to grow:

Billy buttons can be propagated from seed and grown in full sun. It grows in any soil provided that it is not too wet. It can be treated as an annual and used effectively as a single specimen or as a massed bedding plant.

The blooms are superb as a meadow flower, fresh-cut flowers and for drying. They are drought tolerant but performs best on moist and well-drained soil, in sun to part shade.

Frost hardy, Billy Buttons is low maintenance and can be used in coastal gardens, courtyards, container/planters, cottage-style gardens, flower gardens, cold climates and heavy soils. They will grow to around 90cm and can be grown in clay, loamy, sandy loam, clay loam, and potting mix.

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