Wildflowers ~ Kangaroo Paw

These long-lasting Australian Native Wildflower seeds are gorgeous mixture of red, yellow, pink and apricot. They are a tall variant of Kangaroo Paw, growing in excess of 1.5M. They provide long-lasting flowers and is best suited for most well-drained soils.

Bush Botanical Kangaroo Paw

◎ Common Name: Kangaroo Paw

◎ Botanical name: Anigozanthosflavidus

◎ Plant Height: 2m

◎ Flowering: Flowers throughout the year.

◎ Sow: Spring, Summer in Southern regions and Spring, Summer Autumn, Winter

◎ How to grow/Instructions: Sow in warm areas anytime. In frost areas when danger of frost is over. Fill pots or seed tray with moist sandy soil and compress. Sow seeds thinly on the surface and cover with soil mix to the thickness of the seeds. It is beneficial to add Wildflower Seed Starter granules to soil surface. Keep moist.

Cover with clear polythene – remove when germination starts. Place in warm shady position to germinate fully. Transplant seedlings to individual containers when large enough to handle. Keep watered and plant out to permanent position when about 8cm (3in) high. Water regularly around roots until established, then weekly in dry weather. Use light applications of low phosphate slow release organic fertiliser. Cut plants back once they finish flowering and water the base of plants only.

Consider using a Wildflower Seed Starter Granules for improved germination rates and speed. These granules provide chemicals normally found in bushfire smoke that stimulate native seed germination.