Wildflowers - Pink and White Everlastings

Introducing our long-awaited Warndu Bush Botanicals, Australian Native - Pink and White Everlastings!

Common Name: Pink and White Everlastings, Everlasting Daisy

◎ Botanical Name: Rhodanthe Chlorocephala Ssp Rosea

Seasonality: All year fresh

Region: The Everlasting is a native to Western Australia, growing predominantly on sandy soils in the semi-arid region of the south of Western Australia.

How to grow:

Not only are they one of the easiest native flowers to grow and maintain, but they're also the quickest, with an extremely long flowering period. These self-seeding annuals will flower for up to 3 months after the germination period with a germination rate of 100%. These pink and white flowers are also hardy and adaptable, suitable for soil that's well-drained and sandy. They can still tolerate and grow in the shade and heavy clay soils but will result in a smaller and spindlier flowering. Avoid heavy clay soils and shade for best results.

Warndu Australian Native | Wildflower Everlastings

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