Wildflowers - Swan River Daisies

Swan River Daisy is a colourful and vibrant annual plant that is easily grown in most parts of Australia.

A low growing Australian native annual daisy that provides a spectacular burst of colour through spring, attracting bees and butterflies. It has branched stems and highly-divided leaves and daisy flowers. It is a popular and easily-grown garden plant for bedding, courtyards, playgrounds, flower gardens, borders, rockeries, pots and hanging baskets.

Common Name: Swan river daisies

◎ Botanical Name: Brachyscome iberidifolia

Seasonality: All year fresh

Region: Swan River Daisies are found in the wild in WA, SA and southern NT in a variety of habitats: in sandy or clay soils, on sand-hills and plains, along watercourses, on swampy ground, on chalky hills and among granite outcrops.

How to grow:

They are moderately frost-hardy and can be grown easily in most areas of Australia. In the wild the Swan River Daisies usually flowers in late winter and spring but, in cultivation, it commonly flowers in spring and summer and intermittently at other times of the year. If sown in spring, flowering may extend into summer and autumn.

Plant the seeds in Autumn and keep the plants growing through Winter in warmer climates as this will bring a better display in spring. Trim off the spent flowers after the first spring flush to encourage repeat flowering in late spring and summer. Feed generously with a good fertilizer like Seasol to get the plants reaching their full flowering potential.

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 © Photo courtesty of Sally Page of Gingin, Western Australia.