Wildflowers - Sturt Pea

Australian Native Sturt Pea is the floral emblem of South Australia.  They are one of the best known Australian Wildflowers with a distinctive red flowers and black eye. It is native to the arid regions of central and north-western Australia, and its range extends into all mainland Australian states with the exception of Victoria.

◎ Common Name: Sturt Pea

◎ Botanical name: Swainsona formosa

◎ Plant Height: 1-1.2m

◎ Flowering: Flowers throughout the year.

◎ Sow: Late Winter to Summer

Australian Native Wildflower Sturt Pea

◎ How to grow/Instructions: Plant them in a frost-free position with excellent drainage, either in a container or sandy garden bed. Soak seeds in a cup of hot water.  Leave overnight then drain and sow the now swollen seeds. Leave any un-swollen seeds until they swell or lightly nick them with a sharp knife on the side opposite the eye, then soak until swollen.

Using small pots (or peat pots) sow 2 or 3 seeds 6mm deep in each pot. Keep moist. Place in a warm shaded position to germinate. When a seedling appears or a tap root appears at the base of the pot, set out in sunny position.

Water in well and regularly until established. Water weekly in dry weather. Use light application of low phosphate organic fertiliser. Protect from snails and slugs.