Bush Tomato & Macadamia Dukkah

Bush Tomato & Macadamia Dukkah


Aussie Dukkah

Our Dukkah is truly Aussie. Jam packed with wild harvested and home grown Australian Native ingredients such as Bush Tomato, Saltbush, Wild Mint, Wild Basil, Pepperberry and Organic Macadamias, our Dukkah is as Aussie as it gets. The only non- Australian ingredient is a little bit of sesame seeds.

  • 100 g in a resealable pack

  • Shelf Life is 2 months


  • Bush Tomato

  • Saltbush

  • Wild Mint

  • Wild Basil

  • Pepperberry

  • Organic Macadamia

  • Sesame seeds 

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Why are we selling pre-order ?

Australian Native Food is seasonal and the Industry suffers from inconsistent demand for products. You can help by pre-ordering products. Read more in our blog