Emu Bush | Warndu | Photo by Gardening with Angus

Emu Bush - The sacred healer

Emu Bush (Eremophila alternifolia) or Jilungin Tea has a stunning delicate, herbal and earthy taste. It has been used traditionally to assist with...

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Ice Plant | Warndu Australian Bush Tucker © Warndu Pty Ltd. Photographs by Luisa Brimble.

The sweet and salty Ice Plant

Ice plant is just one of the many greens harvested from South Australia's Coorong. Its common name comes from the very obvious icicle-looking drop...

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Pipis | Warndu | Photo by Free Falling Fibers

Sustainable seafood Pipis

Pipis are a kind of cockle, and are also known as Coorong cockles. They're hand-harvested, mainly from the NSW-Queensland border right down to the ...

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Youlk | Warndu | Photo by Tucker Bush

Youlk - The crunchy potato

The roots of this plant look like a potato and taste like a nashi pear and a radish crossed with kohlrabi and potato. It stays crunchy even after c...

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Native Curry Bush | Warndu | Photo by Murray Fagg, near Armidale, NSW

Our own Native Curry Bush

We first discovered this while we were out foraging with Damien’s uncle, Noel. It looks like a pretty unassuming, low shrubby bush but when you pic...

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Native Cherry | Warndu | Photo by John Tann

The elusive Native Cherry

These are amazing tiny astringent pops of tartness, so not really like the cherries you would be used to. Plus, they take a lot of time and effort...

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White Aspen | Warndu | Photo by Josie Withers

White Aspen bushfood fruits

White Aspen (also called Yellow Wood or Pigeon Berry) is a rainforest tree producing edible bushfood fruits with a strong citrus flavour and honey ...

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Boab Fruit | Warndu | Photo copyright credits of Andrew Fielke, Brolly Books & Tony Lewis from ‘Australia’s Creative Native Cuisine’.

Sprinkle a little Boab Fruit

An iconic tree throughout the Northern Territory. Boabs (Larrkardiy) produce large fruits around 10 cm in diameter. The inside has a chalky nut th...

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Bloodroot | Warndu | Photo by Barb Dobson 2007

Striking red Bloodroot

Like a curry that keeps on giving. This striking red root (which looks a lot like a fennel bulb) is absolutely amazing. Anything you cook with it w...

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