Eat too much over Easter?

So did we. But guess what, we have a solution for your bloated belly and guilty conscience...

Have you heard of Strawberry Gum? Well if not, today is your lucky day. It is our absolute favourite ingredient and we just got a fresh new harvest of it. 

The best part is it helps with your gut health by protecting the micro flora. It also helps with any tummy aches and digestion, making it the most perfect post Easter thing to eat and drink.

◎  Common Name: Strawberry Gum

◎  Scientific or Latin Name: Eucalyptus olida 

◎  ComparisonStrawberries and cream

◎  Seasonality: All year dried

◎  Region: Rainforest

This spice is featured in these recipes in Warndu Mai:

We have two ways to use it - either our Strawberry Gum & Elderflower Tea OR our ready ground Strawberry Gum powder for you to play with in absolutely everything you eat. Get it at our online store now before it sells out and you have to wait for next harvest! How can you resist those beautiful leaves.