Warndu's Truly Aussie Dukkah

Warndu's Aussie Duakkah with Bush Tomato and Organic Macadamia's was first released in April 2018 as a limited edition product. It quickly became of our most beloved products. Perfect for platters, hampers, as a gift in the Gourmet Gift Pack paired with the Native Thyme Oil and Wattleseed Balsamic. The Recipe was included in Warndu Mai for those that feel inspired to try it at home. Warndu's Dukkah is made from 100% Australian Grown ingredients. You can make it at home with the dried herbs and spices available at warndu.com Warndu Aussie Dukkah - Bush Tomato and Organic Macadamia Dukkah Warndu's Dukkah is truly Aussie. Jam packed with wild harvested and home grown Australian Native ingredients such as Bush Tomato, Saltbush, Australian Native Thyme, Wild Basil, Pepperberry and Organic Macadamias, our Dukkah is as Aussie as it gets. The only non-Australian ingredient is a little bit of sesame seeds.

◎ How to Use Warndu Aussie Dukkah

◎ We recommend using it as a crust on meat, seafood and vegetables

◎ You can substitute our dukkah for similar recipes that use it - trust your instinct for flavour here!

◎ Feeling inspired, this Dukkah recipe is available in our award-winning cookbook Warndu Mai to cook at home.

Our famous Bush Tomato & Macadamia Dukkah is also available in the Aussie Gourmet Pack, the perfect gift containing our Wattleseed Balsamic and Native Thyme Oil.

Wholesale, Bulk Orders and Food Service - Dukkah can be ordered in 5 Kilo Food Service quantities - contact us via our wholesale enquiry.