Our seasonal limited release products are available for pre-order....

Many of our products are seasonal and we buy them when they are available in a range of formats - fresh , freeze dried (works so well for teas), sun dried and sometimes however we can get our hands on them.

Pre-ordering products helps us create demand for our products, which helps us to establish and sure up supply.

Pre-order Products

Our Aussie Dukkah and Infused oils are created in very small batches when we have access to quality Native Thyme, Wattleseed and Bush Tomato. We have previously referred to them as limited release due to the supply constraints.

Our products are seasonal and there is inconsistent demand for the products in the general public, which means there is often a gap in supply. And so the story goes, supply demand, demand, supply.

Our Aussie Dukkah is made fresh and is packed full of Australian ingredients (not fillers). Because of this, it has a limited shelf life of 2 months. No preservatives or nasties keeping it shelf stable and lots of Macadamias with really good oil (hence short shelf life).

To help us with creating demand you can place a pre-order for our Aussie Dukkah and our Ultimate Australian Gourmet Gift Pack , when there is enough demand we can cook up a fresh batch and get it out to you. We will be in touch when this happens.

We also have two guaranteed deliveries a year:

Mothers Day - delivery starts Mid April

Christmas - delivery starts Early December