Warndu Finger lime and Desert Limes perfect addition to Gin

What is better than a native infused gin? Adding native fruits. Our favourites are the magnificent Finger lime and the upcoming Desert lime. 

There has been a boom of Gin companies that are using our precious Australian Natives in their distillery process to create uniquely Australian Gins.  

The Applewood Distillery has a coral gin infused with strawberry gum.

Warndu Lime Chips with Applewood distilleries okar

How to use Desert Limes and Finger limes in Gin 

  1. Add your favourite Gin 
  2. Add your favourite tonic 
  3. Add ice 
  4. Take 2-4 Warndu Finger limes (citrus boost) and/or Desert Lime (for the lime flavour) chips - they are freeze dried so they will rehydrate when added to water (gin).  
  5. Add some edible flowers for added beauty. 


Read more about Finger lime and Desert Lime in our Aboriginal Bush Tucker Guide. 

You can buy Warndu Fingerlime and desert lime chips here:

◎  Finger limes - citrus boost 

◎ Desert limes - adds a fresh lime addition  



Get your taste buds dancing with a true blue selection of Australian native ingredients, ripe for the picking!