Warndu is the Australian native ingredient specialist, supplying ingredients to food and beverage manufacturers, food service companies and cosmetic manufacturers.

Warmdu ensures these businesses meet their requirements for consistent, shelf-stable products processed under certified stringent quality systems, along with guarantees of ongoing supply.

The Australian Superfood Co. plays a crucial role as a consultant, assisting farmers with issues like crop selection and plant breeding, assisting food manufacturers with formulation development, and cosmetic manufacturers in developing new product.

Our Co-Founder Rebecca Sullivan has been working in the food industry for over fifteen years as a specialist in sustainability, climate change and food systems relating to agriculture and supply chain. As well as running some of the worlds most renowned food festivals, writing books and for magazines, and television presenting, she has ten years developing products and working with some of the world's best chefs and farmers. Her knowledge and relationships in the Native Food Industry make her a leader in the field.

  • Product Development for food, drink, cosmetic and Nutraceutical brands
  • Sourcing Produce for restaurants, bars, brands and products
  • Menu consulting for restaurants, cafes and hotels
  • Unique event experiences climate resilient communities
  • Consultation for farmers and growers.


Examples of work:

Haighs Chocolates