Warndu's Australian Native Tea for the 10th SNAICC National Conference

We're honoured to be presenting the delegates of the 10th SNAICC National Conference with a selection of our premium Australian Native teas.

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All of our teas are hand blended to ensure a perfect balance of Native Australian flavours. They are caffeine-free, grown and packaged in Australia from 100% Australian native ingredients, and best of all...they can be brewed up to three times per serving to get the most from your tea leaves!

Why Warndu?

Be a part of the Australian native food revolution. A 60,000 year old legacy to our native plants, nuts, seeds and proteins.

Warndu means 'good' in the Adnyamathanha language. With Warndu products we want you to feel good...Good knowing that our products are nutritious; good knowing that Warndu contributes to our community; good knowing that the products you buy protect our precious soils. In buying good - you are doing good.

Our mission is to REGENERATE culture, community, tradition, heath and our soils. Every product we make includes one or more Australian Native Ingredients.

Learn more about our impact, and how we are trying to support indigenous communitites to get First Nations Food from Australia's backyard to your pantry.

About your Australian Native Tea selection

You will have received one of the following three Australian Native Teas from Warndu. Learn more about the unique ingredients that make these First Nations flavours so incredible!
First Nations Australian Native Tea | Warndu

Quandong and Anise Myrtle Australian Native Tea

Quandong (Wild Peach) comes from the Flinders Ranges and Anise Myrtle is wild harvested from different parts of Eastern Australia. This tea has a sweet and sour peachy flavour with a hint of aniseed.

Learn more about Quandong and Anise Myrtle.

Strawberry Gum & Elderflower Australian Native Tea

Strawberry Gum harvested from Northern New South Wales and hand milled by us, perfectly blended with the sweet Elderflower. This tea is the perfect everyday probiotic. It's also incredibly calming so this is like our sleepy tea.

Learn more about Strawberry Gum.

Three Lemon Australian Native Tea

Lemon Myrtle and Native Lemon Grass wild harvested from the Flinders Ranges blended with Lemon Verbena. Refreshing and a perfect pick me up. The three lemons each have a distinct flavour and bring a unique character.

Learn more about Lemon Myrtle and Native Lemon Grass. 

If you love these flavours, try incorporating them into your cooking. There are endless ideas to try with some of these recipes from our award-winning First Nations Food Companion and Warndu Mai cookbooks.


First Nations Food Companion Cookbook | Warndu Australian Native FoodWarndu Mai Cookbook | Warndu Australian Native Food

All things Iced Tea

We hear it's still sweltering up there in Darwin, so you'll be happy to know that our teas can be cold brewed. Check our recipe for some unique Iced Tea flavours.

Australian Native Iced Tea Recipes | Warndu

Want to learn more about First Nations Food?

Join us in our mission to bring First Nations Food from Australia's backyard to your pantry.

You can learn more about How to substitute with Natives, or download our Australian Native Food Guide app.

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