Green Ant Citronello

I have loved limoncello for the longest time and this is my Aussie take on an Italian favourite. Best Served ice-cold as a dessert wine, on crushed ice or in deserts.

Makes 2 litres
Prep-Time: 15 minutes
Wait time: 3 weeks 

Shopping List/Ingredients

6 finger limes or 6 table spoons of Dried Fingerlime powder/chips
5 Blood limes 
1 Sunrise lime 
20 Desert limes - or 20 teaspoons of Desert Lime powder 
10 Lemon Aspen 
1 litre vodka 
1g green ants 
1 kg sugar
1 litre of boiling water 

You need 
4x 500 ml sterilised jars 
stripes of fresh citrus to decorate  

 Slice all the citrus in half. Divide it between 4x 500ml sterilised jars.  Cover evenly with vodka, add the the ants and seal the jars, then shake to mix and leave for a week in a cool, dark place, shaking them a few times each day. 

After a week, put the sugar into a heatproof bowl andpour over the boiling water, stirring until it is fullydissolved. Cool, then pour evenly into the citrus jars.Reseal the jars, shake and leave again for another week,shaking a few times a day.

After the second week, strain the liquid into decorativesterilised bottles. Citronello is best left to mature for afew months before drinking and will keep indefinitely.Decorate with strips of fresh citrus peel before serving.

 Note: for a citronella spritz, mix 1 part citronello, with 4 parts soda or ginger beer, a handful of cocktail garden herbs such as sea rosemary or rivermint, perhaps some fresh finger lime and quandongs, or some citrus peels thinly sliced with the pith removed.