Native Lemon Grass ~ Dried. 50g


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Native Lemon Grass (cymbopogon ambiguus) is a fantastic digestive. It’s well known for its calming effects and aiding in anxiety and stress. In the kitchen, it makes a wonderful addition to teas and cool drinks as well as broths and soups.  Delicious for both sweet and savoury uses. 

We sell our Native Lemon Grass dried and powdered in 50g resealable bags for absolute freshness.

Native Lemongrass (cymbopogon ambiguus)

Not as juicy as the lemongrass you might be used to. The stalks are study grass with fluffy tops and are a very pale straw-like colour. Aside from being excellent bush medicine in the treatment of things like colds and headaches, it has a beautiful lemon sherbet flavour. We use it in our three lemon tea but it is can be used in broths, to stuff meat or infused into all kinds of sweet treats.

Seasonality - All year Dried 

Comparisons: Lemongrass 

Our products are all made in Australia from 100% locally sourced, seasonal and wild harvested produce.

Warndu means good in the Adnyamathanha language.  Our mission is to REGENERATE culture, community, tradition, health and our soils. Every product we make includes one or more Australian Native ingredients. 

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