Warndu Mai Super Food Cookbook Pack
Warndu wholefood wattleseed sprinkle 50g
Warndu Finger Lime 50g
Warndu Quandong Kibble 50g
Warndu Davidson plum Spice 50g

Warndu Mai Superfood Pack

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The Warndu Mai SuperFood Pack is worth $160 including postage, it contains:

  • A signed copy of our Warndu Mai Cookbook worth $45.00 - 80 recipes, fully illustrated and includes a native food index.

  • Wattleseed Sprinkle - wholefood ready for toasting 50g - RRP $18

  • Finger Lime - freeze dried and powdered 50g - RRP $30

  • Davidson Plum - freeze dried and powdered 50g - RRP $35

  • Quandong - freeze dried kibble 50g - RRP $18

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